Saturday, February 26, 2011

My first blog

Since I am so bad at writing things in my girl's baby books, my husband suggested I started a family blog.  So, we'll try this out and see how it goes!  Yesterday, while at my friend Elizabeth's, Ainsley was doing some of her typical Ainsleyisms and Elizabeth said "I hope you are writing these in her book because you'll soon forget these little things."  As many of you know, Ainsley LOVES to eat!!  And I mean eat!  There is no sneaking a snack without her crawling and screaming to get a bite of whatever it is you are eating.  While we were eating lunch yesterday, I mistakenly placed my quarter of a sandwich on her plate to help Avery get situated with her lunch.  It took all of a minute to put her sandwich and a few strawberries on her plate.  When I went to grab my sandwich back, it was gone.  Yup, Ainsley ate the whole thing!  This was no small sandwich.  She just smiled as if she knew what she had just done and continued on eating her own lunch.  When I finally got her to finish eating (which usually means screaming for more before realizing she isn't going to get anymore), she started happily playing on the floor.  Elizabeth then gave Annalie (her daughter) a half a cookie to have for dessert.  Annalie took the cookie to the playroom to eat.  Elizabeth went to check on the girls and said "oh, how sweet, Ainsley and Annalie are playing together".  Then she said "Oh, Ainsley took Annalie's cookie".  I came into the room to take the cookie back.  I took one look at Ainsley, she smiled her mischievous smile and shoved the whole cookie in her mouth... and swallowed it.  It wasn't like I was on the other side of the room.  I was right next to her and she knew she was going to lose it.   I couldn't believe it and Elizabeth was cracking up.  My daughter only has 2 teeth!  She looked at us, shook her head yes and then grabbed a book to look at as if nothing had happened.  This is a normal day in our home.  She never puts toys in her mouth.  But when it comes to food... watch out!!
I hope you enjoyed my first blog!  I'm excited to keep updating with more missadventures!

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